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Meet Meme G!

Wooden Furniture and Brick Wall



The MeMe G Design Company is a full service Interior Design firm. We specialize in E-Design, 

custom home planning, kitchen design & room refreshes.

Commercial design is available on an individual basis. Schedule a discovery call to discuss your project in detail with Meme G.  

Great design is the soul of any appealing space. Our mental and physical well being is directly affected by our surroundings therefore  Meme G strives to create spaces that rejuvenate lifestyles. Whether a simple refresh or a complex renovation, we are a wealth of information and ability to make your project a reality. Our team is excited to create spaces you'll love.  A decision to work with us, is a decision that will change your life. 




Principal Designer/Owner

"Meme G" is the founder, owner, & principal designer of The Meme G Design Company.  She has a magnetic passion for creating unique, dynamic, lasting & eco-friendly spaces. Darmeshia comes from an extensive construction background. She was raised building homes and developed a love for all parts of real estate. As a natural born creative, Darmeshia first was interested in beautifying spaces through interior decorating. She quickly learned the nuances and importance of the Interior Design industry. She fell head over heels for the attention to detail, the precise technicality and problem solving that designers are known for. Post graduation, Darmeshia knew she wanted to help the public create spaces that not only are aesthetically appealing, but functional as well. She has the expertise, experience, and examples to scale these major projects. Her design style can be described as organic modern with an eclectic twist! 


"Good design is whatever the client likes. There is beauty in every style and what's most important is that spaces are timeless, not trendy.  Color is never bad and black goes with everything!"

Now that I've introduced myself, schedule your discovery call so I can get to know more about you and your project!

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